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If you are a patient with an Autoimmune diagnosis, a clinician looking for insights or a relative seeking to understand what has happened to a loved one, WELCOME to All Things Autoimmunity!

My name is Dr. Michael Smith and I have over 25 years of experience focusing on Autoimmune disease. I am also an Autoimmune patient, so I am very familiar with the profound changes and limitations that these kinds of conditions can bring into your life.

This website is intended to guide you through the process that has been working for me and my patients for many years. Around the world, over 80% of the people who follow these lifestyle changes experience noticeable improvement and many experience complete remission of their condition.

There are hundreds of other websites that promote similar approaches and guidelines, not because they are ‘trending’, but because they are working!

If you ask Dr. Google about your health, your diagnosis, your choices, and what is supposed to work – the answers keep changing. It makes most clinicians and patients crazy. This combination of urgency for a solution and a roulette wheel of approaches can make it very challenging to move forward with any confidence.

This is why I suggest starting with what you can learn from human evolution.

An evolutionary approach to diet, exercise, mindset, and healing is not a fad. These lifestyle choices and practices are as natural and ‘organic’ as anything could ever be. They are the experiential foundation that got every human being through every trial and tribulation of our entire collective human history.

If you have a serious Autoimmune Disease, I recommend beginning with the Standard Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), or the Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol (A-AIP).

The Standard AIP has helped millions of people around the world and saved my life many years ago.

The Ancestral AIP is my version of the AIP. I have found that a more precise focus on inflammation and tissue repair at the beginning of the healing process reduces symptoms more rapidly. I have also found that a less rigid approach, once things have settled down, to make it easier to continue with the gradual process of healing your immune system. This process usually takes a few months, so having a clear step-by-step path helps my patients and myself stay committed, focused and able to try new things when we start to feel better.

If you are on your first day of resetting your diet, health and lifestyle, then I encourage you to go slow. Life is an experiment. There is only one way to find out if this approach to healing will work for you. This is meant to be a journey and an adventure.

Approximately 85% of my patients who eat a low antigen and Nutrient Dense diet, change their lifestyle, take the appropriate supplements, get fit, and learn to meditate, see significant if not profound improvement within three to four months.

It takes this long because your immune system is stubborn. It believes it is fighting an enemy and just wants to win. It takes a while to calm things down and begin the process of repairing your metabolism, your immune system and your trillions of cells.

Direction and Duration.

Any direction you take has to have a starting point. With the Ancestral-AIP you may need to start as ‘hard-core’ as you can to stop your body from attacking itself, or you may want to start with a low antigen and irritant approach while embracing some beneficial lifestyle changes.

If you need to do everything you can ASAP, then begin with the Phase One Anti-inflammatory Protocol. As you gradually get better you can transition to Phase Two and beyond.

If you want to keep your lifestyle and diet as close to ‘normal’ as possible, start with the Phase Four Long Term Protocol. If you find that this way of eating is reducing your symptoms gradually and consistently, give yourself a high-five for winning the immune system lottery.

If that is not making enough of a difference to your health, you can either take another careful step forward and try the Phase Three Nutrient Dense Reintroduction Protocol or decide to go all in and begin the Phase One Anti-inflammatory Protocol.

That creates your sense of direction. The necessary duration is unique to each person, but you will find some general guidance when you assess where you fit into the Autoimmune Spectrum.

Your personal direction your duration will be determined by your individual Autoimmune condition and, hopefully, a clear conversation with your clinician.

Michael Smith is an internationally respected Clinician, Author, and Speaker.

Michael practices Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and encourages his patients to follow an Ancestral approach to lifestyle and diet. Dr. Smith has dedicated the last 25 years to the research and treatment of Chronic Illness and Autoimmune Disease. As an Autoimmune patient, Michael is intimately aware of the devastating impact these conditions can have on your quality of life.


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