The AIP Plus Focus and Freedom

If any chronic illness has been a part of your life please take the time to read this post carefully.

Consider the complete common sense of what I am sharing with you. Most chronic illnesses are driven by a combination of inflammation (a process with many layers), metabolic overload, nutrient imbalances, and incomplete detoxification. When anyone’s body is in this kind of a state, the stress, the misuse of calories, the secondary tissue damage, and the often forgotten inability to heal its tissues, all determine how gradually or how rapidly one will lose their vitality.

That is right. If your body is inflamed, metabolically out of balance, and congested with calories and tissue waste, your natural healing processes are blunted or completely unavailable.

If your situation gets more complicated, you may begin to suddenly gain or lose weight as your very confused immune system starts to crash or use your muscle tissue as a bank account for energy.

If you are thinking, ‘this is not me’, I hope you are right.

Here are some statistics to remind yourself about how important it is to focus on optimal health instead of focusing on only feeling ‘not ask sick as before.’ There is no way for any of us to know how this protocol will work until you try it.

Here is the clinical gamble we are all playing with our lives:
  • One in Five People Have some form of Autoimmune Dysfunction[1]
  • One in Two Women and One in Three Men will get Cancer in their Lifetime[2]
  • In the Next Ten Years, One in Three people will Become Diabetic[3]
  • Unintentional Drug and Surgical Accidents are the Third-Highest Cause of Death [4]

This is not a good time to wait and see what happens. This Protocol is the foundation of my clinical practice, and it is what I teach my 5th -Year Doctoral candidates.

This is my personal tried and true method for self-care, prevention, and response to any signs and symptoms that my immune system is sending any alarm bells.

It is always a good idea to work out the details with a knowledgeable integrative clinician.

The Four Phases of the Natural Tissue Healing Process

When an injury or infection happens, your immune system produces an Inflammatory Response.

For the sake of clarity, I will use the examples of a person with a sprained ankle (Gary) and a person with an intestinal ulcer (Lauren).

Phase One: Rest and Recover

Gary just got knocked off of his bike in big city traffic. He has a Grade 2 (mild/moderate tissue damage and bruising) As the inflammation and swelling increase, Gary’s ankle gets stiff and is very painful. His body has put up a ‘closed for business sign.’ This can take a few days to a couple of weeks to settle down depending on who Gary is.

Lauren was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. She has nausea, abdominal pain and bloody stools, and is getting exhausted. Her life is already overwhelming enough. ‘Closed for Business” is not an option. Until the inflammatory triggers are removed and her immune system shifts its focus, Lauren is just going to go through diminishing ups and downs – possibly over decades.

The best thing that both Gary and Lauren can do for themselves, is to Rest and give their whole body a chance to Recover from the acute damage. Learn more about the Phase One Protocol HERE!

Ankles are hard to rest because you have to get around. At first, less is more. Intestinal ulcers are very challenging because stress interferes with the circulation and immune system regulation in your gut. The feeling we call ‘butterflies in your stomach,’ is actually caused by a fight or flight response. All of the blood around your gut is forced into your muscles when you are under chronic stress and your front-line gut immunity is diminished.

They both need to Rest and Recover.

Phase Two: Reset and Rebuild

Eating all day every day is the worst thing for almost all humans. When a wild animal is injured it stops eating, clears out its gut, and hides under a shrub for a few days. An anti-inflammatory diet, stress reduction, sleep and rest, and a cycle of fasting surprises most people at how fast their body can heal.

This is about listening to your body and supporting a few important, natural, and necessary processes.

Gary’s ankle settles down after a few days and it is starting to move again – very carefully. All of the damaged and stiff tissues that have been holding on for dear life for a few days now need some TLC. If you have damaged connective tissue, your body needs the material to repair your connective tissue – so eat Bone Broth, try some Nose-to Tail recipes, and listen to your physical therapist. Go To Phase Two for more details

With an intestinal ulcer, things get a bit more specific. Colitis is an Autoimmune Disease. The first challenge is to Rest and Recover long enough, and precisely enough to reduce all of the immune system alarms and stress hormones.

An anti-inflammatory diet, high in connective tissue is also essential. Your small intestine is bigger than a tennis court if your stretch it out. That is a lot of tissue to repair – if Lauren can keep her immune system from getting any momentum in the wrong direction.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) creates the Standard American or Modern Western Metabolism. Both Gary and Lauren want to Reset their metabolisms and any chronic immune system overreactions. Then their natural and gradual tissue Repair processes will have time to do their magic. Gary may need this for two to six weeks for complete repair, Lauren will probably need two to six months.

They Both Need Time to Reset and Repair

Phase Three: Restore and Realign

As Gary’s ankle and Laurens’s intestines continue to heal, it is a good idea to test some limits and commit to the longer choices that will avoid another injury or flare-up.

It is still advisable to engage in occasional pulses of anti-inflammatory choices and continue supporting all of the connective tissues of their bodies.

Now, In Phase Three, it is time to stretch things out and see how resilient a sprained ankle or a previously ulcered mucous membrane may be. The next step focuses on stretching and strengthening and/or supporting Gary’s ankle through rehabilitation exercises.

The focus on restoring his range of movement and improving his postural alignment. Depending on the injury, Gary may be able to go dancing, or he may need an ankle brace for a few months.

Lauren’s mucous membrane integrity and immune system status should be tested medically and/or experientially. She may need to be on a restrictive diet for a few months or Lauren may be ready to start ‘stretching and strengthening’ her immune system by reintroducing some challenging foods.

As her digestive system is restored, she will need to realign herself with a long-term diet and lifestyle protocol.

They Both Need Time to Restore and Realign

Phase Four: Rebalance and Reawaken

The fourth and final stage of the natural healing process is to find a balanced approach for a long life of abundant health.

Gary probably doesn’t have to change his entire life, but he may choose to keep an eye on his agility and strength while ensuring that his ageing connective tissues and metabolism have every advantage possible. Gary really hates sitting around and missing out on anything fun and exciting.

Lauren has a different story. This whole journey has inspired her to do more research on Autoimmune Dysfunction and to explore all of the options available to avoid triggers and regulate her immune function.

The final phase focuses on finding balance in a new version of what makes a healthy body possible. This is a gradual process of Rebalancing old habits with new understandings and necessities. this takes time, patience, and effort.

In my personal and professional experience, moving carefully and consciously through these four phases Reawakens most people’s sense of self-love and self-confidence. The most touching and powerful part of my life is watching each person I work with find their inner resolve and completely change the course of their lives.

At some point, each of us may be called to Rebalance our lives and Reawaken our commitment to a healthier and more meaningful life!

The Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol follows nature’s strategy for healing. The Ancestral-AIP is also based on human evolution and what is best described as epigenetic Epochs. If you want to learn more about Epigenetic Resets, TAP HERE

We all probably need some time for Rebalancing and Realigning

The Six Pillars

The Four Phases are necessary and natural steps towards better health, wherever your health is at right now. How long you need to stay in each phase is a very individual decision and is a vest made with the support of an experienced cinician.

During each of these phases, you have countless opportunities to support your body, mind, heart, and would along the way. Those choices are also very individual. I recommend that all of my patients, as well as myself, choose from the following six common sense opportunities.

Your Six Pillars:

  • Good Food and Nutrition
  • Metabolic Adaptability
  • Physical Fitness
  • Mindfulness and Mindset
  • Supplementation
  • Support and Spirituality

These six common sense and health restoring opportunities are good for everyone – some like a balance of all six others prefer to focus on only two or three. If you want to learn about the Six Pillars of the Ancestral AIP, TAP HERE.

– results are an individual balance of getting each and every need met and how many aspects of your life you want to become a committed part of your healing journey.