Immune System Problems Can Start Before Birth 

Listening to the Warning Signs

I have interviewed approximately 4,000 Autoimmune patients and taken comprehensive medical histories of most of them. As a researcher, I have also learned from the experience of many other clinicians who focus on this modern epidemic. This is what we have found.

There are some very consistent and predictable patterns of symptoms, conditions and experiences that are common among almost all of the patients I have seen with Autoimmune Dysfunction. As you would expect, they can begin before you are even born. If your mother suffered profound distress, over medication, or malnourishment during your gestational period, your immune system may have been over-aggressive since the moment you were born. The abnormal biochemistry and stress hormones your mother produced would have naturally prepared you for a dangerous and hostile environment – real or not.

If you were born by C-Section, your immune system missed a chance to interact with your mother’s mucosal immunity – which is like a computer update for your immature immune system.

If you were not breastfed for more than six months, you will have a poorly educated and motivated immune system due to a lack of colostrum.

If you didn’t play in the dirt…

If your parents or doctors suppressed every fever with Tylenol…


There are many other clinic factors as well. Did you have eczema or asthma when you were an infant, did you have chronic sore throats or earaches as a kid?

Do you still have your tonsils?

Did you experience any severe trauma as a child?

Below is a Questionnaire that will give you a basic score. This will indicate how serious your situation may be, or how likely you are to develop Autoimmunity, especially if it runs in your family.

If you feel worried and want some feedback and reassurance or guidance, find a clinician who focuses on these conditions.

This website is meant to encourage you to take action. I want to help you make sure that you do not wait and see how bad things get.

If you have Complex Autoimmune Condition, you are in for the fight of your life.

You will need just as much self-love as you will need courage and strength. I also want to help you relate to this information in a common-sense way, but also in an informed, confident and scientifically credible way.

I want you to have a clear and motivating relationship with what you are getting yourself into. This will take a few months at least, for most of us, and possibly a few years if your situation is complicated.

Take the Questionnaire below to see how likely you are to have an Autoimmune tendency with your immune system, or to get a sense of how aggressive your immune system may be behind the scenes of what you are experiencing right now.

This is not a diagnostic questionnaire – it is an opportunity to see where your medical history fits into a pattern that may inspire you and your clinician to be very good detectives.

Warning Signs – Questionnaire

Were you breastfed? Yes No (2)
Were you born Vaginally? (or by C-Section) Yes No (2)
Were you diagnosed with Eczema or Asthma at birth? Yes (2) No
Did you have chronic sore throats as a child? Yes (2) No
Did you have chronic earaches as a child? Yes (4) No
Did you have seasonal, dust or pet allergies as a child? Yes (2) No
Have you had your Tonsils or Adenoid Glands removed? Yes (4) No
Did you experience chronic Diarrhea or Constipation as a child? Yes (2) No
Did you experience physical, emotional or sexual trauma as a child? Yes (10) No
During adolescence, did you have serious Acne? Yes (4) No
During adolescence, did you experience Depression or Anxiety? Yes (4) No
Have you been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or Autism? Yes (4) No
Have you had poor dental health? Yes (2) No
Did you frequently take antibiotics as a child or adolescent? Yes (4) No
Did your parent(s) always use medication to reduce fevers? Yes (2) No
Does Autoimmunity run in your family? Yes (10) No



If your results are under 20

You should be able to recover your health within a few months.

If your results are over 30

You may need to commit two years to regain your adaptability and long-term immune health.

I am including this here to help you assess your probability of developing an Autoimmune condition or, if you already have one, the relative intensity of your situation.

The correlation of these conditions and symptoms is not entirely accepted by mainstream science, although more and more clinicians are becoming open to empirical, or ‘what is working in the trenches’, approaches to some of the least treatable conditions in medicine.

If this information and your results worry you, please go and talk with an Autoimmune informed clinician. And then move forward like a warrior!


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