Why is Autoimmunity on the Rise?

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Why is Autoimmunity on the Rise?

Is There a Chronic Disease Epidemic?

You are the descendant of people who were healthy, fit, and adaptable enough to get their genes (and yours) through the last few million years of human evolution.

Attaining and maintaining abundant health can be a challenge in the 21st Century.

Our lives are way too busy. Many of the products that are sold as food in most stores would be unrecognizable just three generations ago. Our health care system is more focused on illness management than prevention and healing.

We seem to be ageing faster and the statistics for how many of us will be diagnosed with a serious disease in our lifetime just keep climbing. Every year or two, there is another fad diet or nutritional supplement that promises to help us lose weight and solve all of our ailments, but they only seem to work for a few of us.

I do not mean to focus on the negative but becoming and staying healthy should not be this much of a challenge.

At present, medical statistics suggest that well over half of all adults will be diagnosed with a chronic or degenerative disease and that almost half of all children tested show early signs of chronic disease.

      • Cardiovascular Disease,
      • Asthma and other respiratory problems;
      • Diabetes,
      • Depression,
      • Alzheimer’s Disease,
      • Ulcers,
      • Irritable Bowel and Inflammatory Bowel diseases are becoming “normal” conditions. 

Other illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Cancer are becoming frighteningly prevalent, especially in more developed countries.

Autoimmune conditions have skyrocketed in the last few decades.

At present one-in-five people have some form of autoimmune disease. That is something to think about the next time you are in a big crowd or sitting in a coffee shop doing a little ‘people watching.’ That statistic is based on the fundamentals of disease classification as of 2020.

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If medical research and application keep going in the direction it seems to be headed, conditions like Cardiovascular Disease, Morbid Obesity, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s will be understood to be Autoimmune in nature. If we, as a society, shift some basic assumptions about chronic illness, the statistic becomes one-in-two people who are will be living their lives while suffering from the complexities of Autoimmune Dysfunction.

Many of these diseases take years to develop.

Because of our culture’s lack of time to reflect on the “little” things in life, it is common for people to ignore or suppress their symptoms with pharmaceutical medications until most of their vitality has been diminished. With such depleted resources, many people have less of a chance to return to a healthy life than living a life of being chronically ill. This is the biggest danger to your health. You may not know that you are becoming chronically ill until you are too depleted to completely heal.

Your body stores nutrients and other resources just like you put money in the bank. 

Day-to-day, you write biochemical cheques to live and occasionally you have to write bigger cheques to repair injuries, have children and recover from minor infections. Hopefully, less often, you may need to draw on your body’s resources to recover from trauma, loss or unexpected and profound change.

Eventually, if you are not careful, you may end up in a state of overdraft. It can happen to anyone. Not only would your body be stressed and depleted but you would also have to pay back some interest. Until you pay off the debt and the interest, it is unlikely that your health will improve.

Your personal health and your country’s health care system can no longer be taken for granted. Living in an industrial culture has given us an industrial system of medicine or what I like to call “back to work” medicine. Here is an example of our industrial approach to “health care”.  In most medical journals, the second paragraph describes the number of work hours lost to all industries because of that specific disease. There is little mention of the individual human cost and suffering.

I mention this because we, as the receivers of modern drug-based and surgery-based health care, need to demand more for our money.

Many of the most common modern and scientific treatments are designed to mask the symptoms of pain, insomnia, irritating symptoms like fatigue and emotional distress that are so commonly experienced in chronic and degenerative diseases.  In our fast-paced world, it does not matter how each of us is really doing or really feeling, what matters is showing up to work or school.

At present, it seems more honest to call our health care system an illness management system.

In the last few years, there has been a growing consensus among medical researchers and front-line health care providers. This consensus suggests that all Complex, Chronic, Degenerative and Autoimmune Diseases, PTSD, and other Trauma issues like Addiction, share some very important similarities. This new medical model suggests that there are several primary components behind all chronic illnesses. By learning about these fundamental components, you can do a lot to improve your health by investigating each of these aspects of illness in your own life. If you feel that one or more of these components is limiting your ability to heal, what follows may help you make more decisive choices on your Healing Journey towards a life of vitality.

An Example

One of the first Autoimmune diseases to be researched, acknowledged, and treated is Celiac Disease.

This life-threatening condition is due to an aggressive reaction to the digestive processing and breakdown of the nutrient and anti-nutrient components of Gluten. Celiac Disease and other Gluten sensitivities are on the rise.

Eighty years ago, 1 in 3 children diagnosed with Celiac Disease died.

Fifty years ago, 1 in 500 people had this disease.

Now it is 1 in 133 in the USA.

Also, between 6% and 25% of all people have a measurable Gluten sensitivity depending on the tests you are using.

There have been some changes in the content, structure, and toxicity of Gluten that have also contributed to this dramatic increase in reactivity in the population. The addition of the pesticide Glyphosate to our food supply definitely hasn’t helped.

At present, it takes an average of 15 doctors visits to get a clear diagnosis of Celiac disease. You almost always have to out of your way and hire a health detective to discover if you have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

Over half of the people who learn that they have either of these problems who only remove gluten continue to worsen. This is because the actual problem is with the aggressiveness of their immune system. If the immune system is not brought back into normal function, and other immune triggers are still aggravating the immune system, the only foreseeable future includes more complex disease.

Celiac Disease is only one of about 220 known Autoimmune diseases, which are also on the rise. There must be something else, or many other things, that are contributing to this epidemic.

Below, is a list of Sixteen Driving Influences that are known to specifically trigger or accelerate Autoimmunity as a physiological process. This is not about your or my diagnosis, it is about risk and momentum.

If you experience or choose some or many of these influences, please make an appointment with a knowledgeable practitioner, review your entire medical history, and get some coaching on what changes you probably need to make to get or stay healthy.

Sixteen Driving Forces behind Autoimmune Dysfunction

Each of these influences can determine the progress of almost every chronic disease in existence. They are many others, but the following 16 changes in your life history, health and lifestyle choices are the most likely to drive an autoimmune condition towards chaos and self-destruction.

External Triggers

Central Nervous System Distress

Metabolic Instability

Incomplete Detoxification

Immune System Dysregulation

Chronic Inflammation

Epigenetic Dysfunction 

Chronic Pain

Trauma, Addiction, and Unconscious Pain

Junk Food and Too Much BBQ

Chronic Infections

Overuse of Antibiotics

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

NSAIDs and Other Drugs

Chronic Obesity

Vitamin D Deficiency

Some of these are common sense, some are a bit technical and one is existential.

I will link each of these influences to specific articles as they are published.

I hope this list inspires you to learn more about your health and gives you some hope if you are feeling out of options. If you feel that one or more of these components are significantly impacting your health, talk with a knowledgeable health care provider and begin your journey towards better health.

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