Is Autoimmunity Our Greatest Health Crisis?

Autoimmunity describes a class of chronic diseases that are initiated by an aggressive change of your immune system. After a certain amount of dysfunction,  which is different for everyone, your immune system becomes more reactive until it starts attacking your own tissues. This is clinically described as losing ‘Self-Tolerance’.

The Autoimmune process is extremely complicated. It has many ‘moving parts’ that determine where in your body, how rapidly and how destructively it will attack your connective tissues, your organs, your membranes, your glands, and/or your skin. This roulette wheel of moving parts as well as how you respond to the stress of these changes can determine how likely it is and how quickly you will get better.

The Autoimmune process is also based on common sense. Your body, your metabolism, your connective tissues, and your immune system are profoundly adaptable. They have evolved successfully enough to get your ancestors through every challenge our species has faced for millions of years.

Modern life has brought with it some new challenges. If any or all of your adaptive systems get to the point of overwhelm, your body has no other choice than to try something drastic.

And Autoimmunity is about as drastic as it gets.

Autoimmunity was actually considered a fringe idea until 1965. Since then, more and more diseases are being classified as Autoimmune diseases and more people are getting diagnosed with each and every one of these complicated and often debilitating conditions.

At Present, One in Five People has an Autoimmune Condition

If mainstream medicine (and the insurance companies) reclassified a few chronic conditions, the statistics would be closer to one in two people. There is significant evidence[1] that the inflammatory processes behind Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, and even Obesity has an Autoimmune characteristic. Although that theory has not been conclusively proven yet, it just makes sense.

Your birthright is an adaptable, fit, and healthy body.

For any chronic and life-threatening to exist, several of your most essential adaptive systems must have passed the threshold of overwhelm. Autoimmunity is not only about your immune system attacking your cells. It is also about long term changes to your hormonal metabolism, your neurotransmitter health, your liver detoxification pathways, your elimination organs, your nutritional needs, and most importantly your sense of vitality.

Almost ALL Chronic Illness Involves Inflammation and Malnutrition in Some Way.

There are many ways that your diet, lifestyle, work, and day-to-day stressors may be triggering your immune system to go to war with the world and with some parts of your body. This is not about you doing something wrong. This is about your adaptability and the accumulation of stressors and other erosive influences that are affecting your health.

There are many modern experiences, habits, and choices that are challenging and erosive for your health.

        • Excessive Stress 
        • Not Enough Exercise
        • Not Enough Sleep
        • Childhood or Other Trauma
        • Too Much Sitting
        • Not Enough Sunlight
        • Constant Conflict and Scarcity
        • Not Enough Fresh Air
        • Loneliness
        • Malnutrition
        • Obesity
        • Excessive Screen Time – or Addiction
        • Processed Food, Sugar, Caffeine, and Alcohol

The list of possible triggers could go on for a few pages. If you need to improve your health, then the best place to start is to remove as much interference as you can while supporting and restoring all of the adaptive systems in your body.

The more of these triggers you experience every day, the worse your situation will become.

Realities and Opportunities with Autoimmunity

How Adaptable is Your Immune System?

It never seems fair, but things like age, genetics, your medical history from birth, and your personal history of Adaptive Overwhelm, will eventually determine how you and your physiology respond to any crisis.

The adaptability of your immune system, your mind, and metabolism is the basis of your health.

  • If you are in good health, your immune system and your metabolism feel highly adaptable then congratulations! The diet and lifestyle approach on this website will ensure that your vitality carries you into an active and ripe old age.
  • If you are dealing with a stubborn but mysterious condition that seems to have a life of its own, your immune system is becoming unstable. You may be at a precarious threshold where eating and living this way for a month or three could stabilize your metabolism, rebuild your immune system, and repair some of the root systems in your body.
  • If you have been diagnosed with an Autoimmune condition, then this is going to be a lifelong conversation. I do not mean you will be unwell for the rest of your life, just that you will probably have occasional flare-ups if your life and/or lifestyle gets overwhelming. Your immune system has now orientated its efforts in multiple directions and is too tired in some areas and too aggressive in others. Your body needs the most effective approach to lifestyle and diet in the short term to settle things down. You will also need a plan for long-term self-care.
  • If you are suffering from multiple, especially reactive or degenerative Autoimmune conditions, then your immune system is behaving very much like it has PTSD. I do not make that comparison lightly. Every form of therapy for PTSD has been shown to help people with autoimmune disease. The opposite is also true. Those with PTSD feel more grounded and adaptable with the least amount of erratic immune system behaviour.
  • In over 25 years of working with Autoimmune patients, 80% of these courageous people had experienced significant trauma in their lives.
  • If you are presently in an acute flare-up and need to make the most effective choices immediately, start with Phase One of the Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol.
  • PLEASE find a knowledgeable clinician to help you make some of the more technical and ‘specific to your body and personality’ decisions. You do not want to wait and see what happens!

If any of the above conditions relate to you or someone you know, please take the time to explore this website. Hopefully, the information and understanding you gain will help you or them communicate with a clinician and have a clear conversation about what is happening, what you need to be doing, and for how long.

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