Your Third Pillar ~ Physical Fitness

Your ability to completely restore a healthy metabolism and your capacity to repair every tissue in your body is limited by your level of fitness.

I am saying that, not only as a doctor but as an athlete who has spent over two decades helping train other athletes. When the time is right, improving your fitness in whatever way you choose is going to be crucial.

For some people, walking for 30 minutes a day is a good start. For others, going to a fitness class is the only way to gain some momentum and make fitness a regular part of their life.

If you are an experienced fitness enthusiast and have recently been diagnosed with a complex condition, your training style and your expectations may need to change. Either, too much exercise or not enough, can both set you back.

Now is the time for a balanced and carefully designed fitness program!

Wherever you are at with your physical fitness, talk to a knowledgeable clinician or trainer to get the best results!

As you progress through the Four Phases, you are working towards a healthy metabolism that is very good at healing and, specifically, tissue repair.

Your muscles need to be active and toned to keep your HGH Human Growth Hormone elevated. A sad but important fact is that people lose 10 percent of their metabolic rate and rapidly lose their innate HGH production every decade after 40 years of age.

To get the most out of your Fitness Pillar, you will need to go through a few stages. Fitness can look like a person lifting weights or running a long way, but both of those endeavours depend on the health of your mitochondria, the integrity of your connective tissue and fascial membranes, as well as how efficient the messages from your brain get to each individual muscle fibre.

If you are recovering from a long illness and feel up to some exercise, I always recommend some resistance training that gently challenges every part of your body. You may want to start with something gentle like Qi Gong, work your way up to challenging Yoga, and then see how you feel.

As your metabolism and muscle cells heal, then it is time to stretch out all of your fascia and then put your muscles to the test. Your body is more than what you can make it do. It also has a memory of previous injuries and/or sitting all day. Activating your mitochondria and improving the integrity of your posture and fascia is the same as rebuilding a house or a car from the inside out. It takes some time and you want to get through that part as soon as your body is ready.

After you have toned and stretched out all of your connective tissues and muscles, it is time to GRADUALLY get stronger.

I usually recommend some mild to moderate Circuit Training for a few weeks. After that, you may be ready for more explosive movement and more challenging amounts of resistance – like heavier weights. After a few weeks of that, it may be time to develop some endurance.

Each of these attributes requires that your Central Nervous System develop a new range of capabilities or Adaptive Resources.

Take your time and remember that most people with an Autoimmune Diagnosis have been through an Adaptive Overwhelm. That old start about the Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind…

Fitness ~ Four Phases at a Glance


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