Your Second Pillar ~ Metabolic Adaptability

Most people who have a lot of stress and eat a diet high in processed food, inevitably develop metabolic issues.

Their Cortisol levels are too high or low. They have a hard time regulating their Insulin, Glucose, and Triglyceride levels, and do not sleep very deeply. Most adults who are not actively working on their health are overweight or obese and have (or will have) a much higher likelihood of needing eventual pharmaceutical intervention.

The Fat loss industry is one of the biggest businesses in modern history!

Your metabolism includes all of your hormones, neurotransmitters, your liver, your entire digestive system, and all of your elimination organs.

If you are not supporting these essential organs and systems on a regular basis, they will begin to limit how healthy you can be and will eventually decide what kind of illness you will have to recover from.

Your metabolism also determines your waistline, muscle mass, and how fast you age.

As the saying goes, ‘An ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure.’

Another word for health and how you will experience the ageing process is adaptability. The more resilient and adaptable your metabolism is, the sooner you will bounce back from whatever ails you.

The most effective way to improve your metabolism’s adaptability is to change things up and challenge the status quo.

In the 21st century, this looks like stress reduction, better sleep, proper hydration, a low carb, high fibre, and a nutrient-dense diet. 

Your metabolism also needs to have times of focusing on your Adaptive Resources. Habits like conscious resting, sleep hygiene, acupuncture, massage, and things that encourage your mind and body to reconnect and focus on repair can be essential. Especially at the beginning.

Most of the patients that I see with a medically diagnosed Autoimmune Condition have:

  • Adrenal/Cortisol and other Hormonal Imbalances,
  • Insulin Resistance or Hypoglycemia,
  • Congested Detoxification Pathways,
  • Restricted Elimination,
  • Food Intolerances,
  • And a Leaky Gut.

All of which make your immune system very aggressive. These gradual and erosive conditions will continue until you become metabolically and adaptively overwhelmed – unless you turn your metabolism around.

The most efficient way to make this endeavour more effective is to get some Functional Lab Testing done. This helps you and your support team choose the best supplements and decide how long each of your personal Four Phases needs to be.

Reversing something as complex as an Autoimmune Disease has to include every possible aspect of your health and your metabolism. The Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol takes a few months for most people.

You will get the most from that time investment if you can be as thorough and precise as possible. 

Metabolism ~ Four Phases at a Glance


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    Michael Smith is an internationally respected Clinician, Author, and Speaker.

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