Your Fourth Pillar ~ Mindfulness and Mindset

“Mindfulness is how a Mindset works.”

Trying to have a better mindset without having the mindfulness to be aware of your default thoughts, reactions, beliefs, and feelings, is not very effective.

If you have a complex Autoimmune Condition, it took years of pushing through fatigue, depression, and/or anxiety, and probably a lot of chronic pain.

How have years of fighting to just get through your day affected your Mindset?

Most conversations about mindset focus on getting your goals and long term plans clear.

That is a very important conversation to have. Every day, I have conversations about all of the resources, activities, and strategies my patients will need to create the most adaptable, playful and committed mindset – and to create the best future possible.

If you are ready to have that conversation and need support, find a personal coach.

Some of us are not ready for that conversation, though. When you are going on a long-term clinical journey that may require months or even years of dedication, your mindset will be focused on changing your habits. Or realizing you cannot change some of those habits on your own.

Becoming mindful of who is going on and guiding the journey is absolutely necessary.

Changing physiological patterns sometimes includes changing your embodied reactions to stress, impatience, fatigue, childhood trauma, and other forms of trauma. At least 30 percent of us are living with some form of addiction as well. When life feels like a non-stop reaction, your mindset becomes reactive.

In my experience, a regular mindfulness practice is the most adaptive, coherent, and life-changing skill to develop. Changing your life is really about learning to rely on yourself in new ways.

Your mindset will improve the more it includes mindfulness.

Mindfulness ~ Four Phases at a Glance


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