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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Build the Resources and Balance the Relationships of all of Your Internal Organs!

The vast wisdom and clinical experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved for over 5000 years. Rooted in the Indigenous Healing Traditions of Asia, TCM has a long history of unraveling the mysteries between human health and the Natural World. Combining Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage (Tui Na), Nutrition, Lifestyle Counselling, and Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine has many ways to support people.

 “Sometimes modern problems need an ‘Old School’ perspective”

When you appreciate your health through the lens of Nature, you will quickly recognize the Yin and Yang and the seasonal nature of how balance and vitality work.  The first thing you see in Nature is that all things share the needs for life through a vast network of interaction. This subtle and universal kind of circulation and communication is what is meant by the term Qi. Chinese Medicine focuses on returning your bodily systems to a harmonious and robust state of healthy Qi.

This implies a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. Imagine every essential nutrient circulating to every cell in need. Imagine every hormone and neurotransmitter getting where it needs to go and while keeping every cell in communication with every other cell.

That is the definition of healthy Qi!

Sometimes your body and/or mind need a little support maintaining proper circulation and internal harmonious communication. Traditional Chinese Medicine has the tools and the experience to solve these complex problems – gradually and safely.

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Is Chinese Medicine a Science?

Trusting your doctor is ESSENTIAL in any chronic illness…

The scientific research on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), especially Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, has been clearly positive for many years.

As a speaker, I often share this way of understanding how modern science sees medicine and how ancient traditions see medicine. In most clinical experiments, the standard for trust is causation. If a person takes drug B for disease C and gets better, you could say that drug B causes a reduction in some aspect of disease C. It would be more honest and accurate to say that there is a correlation between B and C because the cause is unknown. Anyone would agree that there must be some kind of association between B and C.

It is those three words, causation, correlation and association that encompass most of the thinking about medicine since humans have had language.

The best way to prove that there is a causative relationship between drugs and diseases is the proverbial Double-Blinded-Study. This involves placebos and specific groups who do not know if they are giving or getting any actual medication. This is often used to decide if a new drug is allowed on the market. This kind of research is also used to determine specific causes of disease and prove which biochemical pathways cause which metabolite. It is all about technical knowledge and proof. Good to have!

Correlation is much easier to demonstrate. People who meditate are usually more relaxed and adaptable to stress. There is some causal research to prove this, but most of us are comfortable with the obvious correlation. There is some correlation between eating less red meat and a reduction in some conditions, but those people are also more likely to be focused on multiple opportunities to improve their health.

There is very little ‘double-blind’ causative research to prove the connection though.

This makes some research challenging because you can show a correlation between many things. It amazes me that Traditional Chinese medicine has found so many accurate correlations between specific internal organs, certain kinds of plants, and specific foods without the use of microscopes and modern research.

Chinese medicine is also fond of seemingly general Associations between the seasons, certain emotional states and specific patterns of illness. A looser and more symbolic approach to clinical reasoning, yet still very effective.

The funniest part of all of this is modern biochemistry started because of traditional healing wisdom and their ‘beliefs.’

If you were to go back in time and learn the initial ways herbals medicines were found. For example, Devil’s Club Root grows in dark and wet forest regions. From a TCM perspective, any plant that thrives in damp and bug-infested places is going to be good for swollen, infected and painful conditions.

This gets into the subject of Signature Theory – the ancient way of predicting the clinical use of a plant.

I can’t go deeper into that here, but modern research shows that Devil’s Club is effective as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, especially in chronic conditions like Rheumatic Arthritis. (Rheum = swollen with fluid or abundant mucous. In TCM, Dampness also relates to the wear and tear of high carbohydrate diets. And yes, Devil’s Club has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and help with Diabetic Neuropathy.

One more example!

Imagine you are an early chemist. You are sure that there ‘chemicals’ at the root of how life works. Your Grandmother is a traditional healer and gives you some Passionflower to learn from. This plant medicine is famous for helping people stay calm and get a good night’s sleep. Now, all you have to do is figure what chemical actually makes people sleepy.

My point is, modern chemistry and our ability to do causal Double-Blind studies on different chemical extracts began with correlations and associations that are thousands of years old!

Good Medicine is Good Medicine!

The Chinese Medicine Essentials

The use of medicinal herbs can be supportive of almost any medical condition. Just make sure they do not interact with any drugs your take.
A seasonal diet that is focused on improving your digestion and assimilation of nutritients is just common sense.
Subtle therapeutic practices like Qi Gong and Meditation are as effective as many medications for stress, anxiety and depression.
Regular Massage and/or Acupuncture can benefit almost any medical condition – measurably!
Balancing your hormonal health can reverse many complex conditions, inculuding infertility.
Stimulating your internal organs with all of the above options plus regular fasting can slow down and even reverse the signs of aging.
Maintaining and supporting proper circulation, detoxification, and elimination are the most obvious and efficient ways to help whole body.

Your Internal Organs and the Seasons

Each of your primary organs is associated with a season because human health naturally goes through cycles of overusing ourselves and restoring ourselves.

Spring and Your Liver

Not that long ago, Spring was a season called the Hungry Time. During times of food scarcity, we need our livers to manage all of the biochemistry of burning fats and eventually muscles until we find something to eat. Or, we may have to go ‘old school survival’ and eat worms, dandelion leaves, and roots, plantain leaves, burdock roots and the inner bark of trees.

ALL of those ancient Spring foods are now used (and scientifically correlated) as Chinese herbs to support specific aspects of liver function.

If you eat a Nutrient Dense diet most of the year, your liver will handle times of stress or illness with resourcefulness and vitality. If you eat processed food and highly inflammatory diet, your liver will be too weak to keep you going through hard times or times of WAY TOO MUCH partying.

Summer and Your Heart

coming soon!

Late Summer and Your Spleen and Pancreas

coming soon!

Fall and Your Lungs

coming soon!

Winter and Your Kidneys

coming soon!

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