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Spring Cleanse – 2022 – Talk Two

Cleanse, Rest, and Play

Let’s hit the ground running, or stretching, or sitting still, looking East in the morning with some tea. 

If you were not able to participate in this week’s LIVE experience, please watch the video.

If you want to watch it on Vimeo and/or download it Click this link.

How are you doing, living by your list of Adaptive Resources and Erosive Influences?

This week, focus on resting if you need to in any way.

Eating your preferred healthy and Nutrient Dense diet, drinking water in the morning, and hanging out with the sun in the mornings – that is your ‘homework’ for the week.

A circuit training mitochondria reboot may be the best medicine in Spring.

If your intuition (or your clinician) doesn’t feel like resistance training is for you right now, then a committed meditation practice is one of the best cleanses ever. For everyone.

Think of this wee as a time of building momentum and intention. We will begin focusing on the details next week, so give yourself some time for repair.

Please fill out your Questionnaires for Step Five for next week.

If you have any questions, please send them my way.

PS – try mixing Gualcamolle with smoked salmon – YUMMY with sliced cucumber or daikon.


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