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Somatic Mindfulness Process

A Deeply Intimate Relationship with Your Embodied Experience can Change Your life!

As a healthcare professional, I recommend that most of my patients begin stress reduction practices or engage in regular meditation. I make this recommendation because the physiology of distress is a factor in 80% of the processes involved in chronic, degenerative and auto-immune disease.

In the Somatic Mindfulness model of care, mindfulness includes an awareness of and a dynamic interaction between your posture, breath, coordination, thoughts, feelings, somatic (embodied) sensations, and even your memories.

As you become familiar with your good days and bad days, the Somatic Mindfulness Process guides you through the gradual process of reinhabiting your body and reorienting your self and your life.

It just asks consistent and dedicated practice.

As you navigate your way deeper into your most challenging experiences, I encourage you find a practice of ‘Resourcing’, or reconnecting with your patience and willingness.

Resourcing is very much like the keel of a sailboat.

As long as you keep your keel deep in the water, you can handle almost any storm pull at your sails.

The Somatic Mindfulness Process relies on a combination of traditional meditative awareness, counselling, breathwork, therapeutic movement, guided Somato-Emotional journeys, and the dynamic process of Inner Dialoguing. It is also a daily embodied practice like Qi Gong or Yoga.

This combination of inner tranquility, conscious inner dialogue, and an intimate and familiar relationship with your somatic state, helps you regain your confidence. Somatic Mindfulness provides an internal landscape to help you assess and change how you live and move through the world. This is about the sails of a sailboat.

This is where you learn to reach into the storms and bad weather of your experience and release the energy that is trapped there.

If you are new to the Inner Dialoguing practice, it encourages you to relate to your most urgent instincts and most disharmonious personal habits as if they are ‘personalities with nicknames’.

It is normal to have an internal dialogue and it only makes sense to embrace that faculty of your mind and finally have a meaningful conversation with your many inner selves.

If you are new to breathwork and therapeutic movement, don’t feel shy! These practices are easy to learn and shift your state almost immediately.

If you are unsure about counseling, the Somatic Mindness Process is about balancing your state and narrative. The counseling aspect is mostly focused on helping you find a compassionate and meaningful relationship with your embodied state.

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  • Meditation
  • Embodied Awareness
  • Breathwork
  • Inner Dialoguing
  • Therapeutic Movement

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