Boost Your Vitality, 

Reset Your Metabolism,

While Cleansing and Rejuvenating Your Whole Body.

Reawaken Your Authentic Self,

while Learning the Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine.

It is an instinct to live a long, fit and fun life.

If you have always wanted to commit to a Rite of Passage, take this chance to commit your willingness to some discernment, discipline, Self-Love and Self-Care.

Discover the freedom of redefining what is a yes or a no.

If you want to get in better shape while learning the most efficient forms of exercise, fat loss, and stretching, then jump on board. Jumping is great exercise!

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, this course will guide you through a gradual and consistent process that you can follow anytime you have a flare-up.

Let’s find out what 8 weeks of healthy habits feels like, together!

Wed. 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

March 23 – May 11

Some Honest Words about Health…

There are no healthy symptoms!

Think of any recurrent symptom as an alarm light on your car’s dashboard or your body’s list of things to repair.

Some symptoms can be a gentle tap on the shoulder, while other symptoms can limit your life and can require great effort to repair.

If your body is trying to tell you something, it is best to listen and act efficiently, while celebrating the benefits of feeling so much better!

Waiting for too long, or just slowing down is not going to allow your body to truly build some healing momentum.

If you have a bunch of weird symptoms, find a Health Detective!

Take this personal Rite of Passage conscious time of Inner Restoration.

Chronic Illness is mostly Preventable!

If you look at the most common causes of all chronic diseases, stress (60% – 80%), Metabolic Syndrome (Diabesity) (60% minimum),  malnutrition/parasites/gut bugs (80%), genetic, and environmental triggers it is easy to understand our modern health crisis.

If you committed 8 weeks to reverse all of those causes and more, it is only common sense that you will have more vitality and live a long and healthy life.

Good Health is not an Accident!

It is not an accident that fit people are happier. It is also no surprise that people who treat their bodies like a garbage bin will feel like crap!

Pardon the tough love.

In Chinese Medicine, the practice of Yang Shen Fa (Nourishing your Vitality) is central to healing, longevity, and your Spiritual practice.

Every season, and for the next eight weeks, you can avoid any more metabolic accidents and have some very clear and energized meditation.

We are the most OVER MEDICATED society in history!

As we get older, the combination of stress, Metabolic Syndrome, chronic inflammation, low-grade infections, genetics, environmental triggers, and many other individual factors; can eventually drive anyone towards using pharmaceutical medication. If you need them, we are very lucky to have access to such specific forms of medicine.

I do not think of medication as good or bad, just as an important boundary of imbalances and unhealthy processes with the body.

If your health is changing in the wrong direction and you have hit the very common threshold of needing medication, use that as inspiration to commit a few weeks to change a few directions and rediscover your birthright for vitality.

If you are on medication for any chronic diagnosis, talk with your clinician about changes in dosage you may need to make on this process.

If you want to avoid the high risks of over medication, the profoundly lower risk and still measurably beneficial choices like an individualized diet, resistance, training and Self-Regulation practices will all be necessary.

Symptoms come and go, especially as we get older. Going on an eight-week dedicated cleansing and the restorative process is the best way to discern if any of your symptoms are due to aging, or only of a temporary metabolic imbalance.

Staying committed for eight weeks also asks that you treat your body, heart, and mind with friendship and respect.

Is It Time To Take Back Your Health?

Do you want to improve your health?

How is your family’s health?

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic condition?  I am asking as a clinician.

Are you feeling stressed out – more than ever?

Is it time to change some habits in your life?

Is it time to learn about what actually goes wrong, how it happens, and what you can do about it?

This 8-week course will give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make some changes and focus on the aspects of your health that are unique to you.

Commit Eight Weeks and Change your Health from the Inside Out.

Commit to the Dos and Don’ts
Balance your stress and reproductive hormones
Get your neurotransmitters firing together
Your Digestive System has needs
Cleanse your liver and elimination organs
Recharge  your trillions of cells
Improve your mindset and adaptability
Release limiting beliefs that are holding you back

My Story…

I began my career as an athlete. Fitness, healthy eating, and training hours a day were my life.

For the reasons that can catch up with us all, I eventually became very ill and found myself in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital with little hope of surviving. I went from 165 lb fighting weight to 112 pounds and could hardly sit up without getting dizzy or passing out.

As it turned out, I had a severe version of Crohn’s and Colitis. I was told that if I made it out of the hospital I should expect to be sick, weak, exhausted and in pain for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I wanted a second opinion…

Through a lot of learning and experimenting on myself, I became well again.

That was almost 30 years ago. I have endured flare-ups, become deeply and directly aware of the impacts of stress, inflammation, metabolic Syndrome,

This Eight Week Healing Rite of Passage follows the same process that I use to recover my health any time the Autoimmune process rears its terrifying head.

Thousands of my patients have reversed many of their symptoms by restoring the same natural and evolutionary needs of the body.

Usually within a few months.

That is why I love sharing this course.

14 hours of Live  Lectures on the Yang Shen Fa ‘Restoring Vitality principles with the leading edge Functional Medicine approaches to healing.

4 hours of Live in-person group  Q&A.  

This course is the most effective clinical tool for supporting people on a multi-system rejuvenation protocol.


Sign Up and Receive

The Course Manual ~ Ten Steps to Abundant Health

This book contains all of the science, the common sense and the questionnaires that will guide you on your journey towards better health, more confidence and an appreciation of mindful living.

The system-by-system reviews and subjective questionnaires have guided many people through a very COMMON SENSE approach to vitality.

Assess every Hormone, Neurotraansmitter, Organ Function, Tissue Integrity, and Elimination Efficiency, and then get as focused as you want on the Do’s and Dont’s.

This course is a lot of fun, and focuses on solutions – that are YUMMY and are just REALLY good for everyone.

Flow and A Personal Consultation

This is the 40th time I have taught this course publically.

The traditional wisdom and big picture thinking combined with the immediate present needs of a generation in measurable Metabolic Syndrome come together into a fluid and dynamic conversation about the fundamentals of a long, fit, healthy, and happy life.

This course is a journey through your body, your habits, and eventually how you choose to live your life.

For an additional fee, you can have a one-on-one personal consultation with Michael to ensure you are putting out the right fires and to help inspire you to get into the best shape of your life!

A Cookbook

A copy of “Returning to an Ancestral Diet”, which contains 500 gourmet recipes from around the world. The printed book is presently unavailable with the global shipping crisis.

Only the searchable PDF is included in this course.

Dates and Times

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Spring Cleanse $447.00
With Consultation $547.00

Wednesday Evenings 

6:30 – 8:30, March 23 to May 11, 2022

on Zoom. (Links will be sent 15 minutes before the meeting)